About us

logo-fulai-smallFullAI is the world’s first non-governmental initiative advocating human self-determination over artificial intelligence, and human decisions over machine decisions. Though recognising its potential benefits for societies, FullAI is concerned by the direction some types of artificial intelligence (AI) are taking.

FullAI works by raising and spreading questions about artificial intelligence. We feel that companies, scientists and policy makers in the field of artificial intelligence should answer these questions when further advancing AI in order to assure responsible development: with full human control and without bias to certain groups in society. In other words to prevent AI limiting human self-determination.

FullAI is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was founded on February 15, 2016. The 全 in the FullAI logo is the Chinese character for ‘full’ or ‘complete’, expressing the human ability to express itself freely by writing by hand. Full AI is the term coined by British scientist Stephen Hawking to voice his worries about the development of artificial intelligence.