Canada: people should always be governed by people

Canada has published a white paper on the responsible use of artificial intelligence in governing the North American country. According to the paper people should always be governed by people. AI systems also must be deployed in a responsible and ethical manner to balance the potential the technology offers for gains in efficiency and effectiveness of government.

“Just as AI systems are rapidly transforming the world around us, so too is it expected that AI will transform the way that government operates”, the paper states.

“AI systems can monitor the status of industries to detect early warning of regulatory non-compliance. They can sift through, structure, and recombine vast stores of data to help government institutions understand the information that they currently have, in order to more intelligently design public policy.”

The paper warns about the bias problem of artificial intelligence and its black box issue. “The decisions they make are difficult to audit or fully comprehend”, according to the paper. It states that AI systems deployed on behalf of government should be trained to reflect Canada’s Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector and international human rights obligations. The technology should also be deployed in the most transparent manner possible.

“AI systems should be deployed in a manner that minimizes negative impact to employees where possible, and should, where feasible, be created alongside the employees that will work with them”, the paper states.