Ethical issues on AI top of mind for data scientists

Data scientists are convinced artificial intelligence and ethics are closely linked issues, a survey of nearly 200 professionals in this field has found. “While the potential of AI replacing human-staffed jobs is an issue according to 42% of respondents, the biggest issues in their eyes is the impact of human bias in training data.”

Data scientists are concerned about the integrity of the training data which is used to build AI applications. They worry the wrong training data could bias an AI system because it could be influenced by human prejudices around things such as religion, race or gender.

“More than 63% of those surveyed said that they are concerned that human bias and prejudices such as race, religion or demographics will corrupt the data used to teach AI systems”, says the third annual Data Scientist Survey conducted by CrowdFlower, a data service company.

“Another 42% express skepticism that we can avoid the programming of biases and are concerned about the impossibility of programming a commonly agreed upon moral code”, a report on the survey states.