IEEE: tech sector lacks responsibility for AI ethics

The technology sector lacks ownership and responsibility for AI ethics, according to the IEEE. The organisation, which is responsible for global standards for products and services, writes in a report that technology companies are standing in the way of ethically designed artificial intelligence.

In the first version of a framework document for AI companies IEEE states that technology companies must engage to secure the safety of AI and to avoid the pitfalls of embedded algorithmic biases. Through the framework the organisation wants to move AI developers to build benevolent and beneficial AI systems.

According to the IEEE tech companies should include ethics about AI in their policies. The IEEE also advocates the creation of standards providing “oversight of the manufacturing process of intelligent and autonomous technologies” to ensure persons are not harmed by artificial intelligence.

The report, called Ethically Aligned Design, includes recommendations based on the input of more than a hundred experts working in universities, governments and companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, law and ethics, philosophy and policy. The goal of the IEEE is to create consensus for the development of methodologies to achieve ethical artificial intelligence.

“By providing technologists with peer-driven, practical recommendations for creating ethically aligned autonomous and intelligent products, services, and systems, we can move beyond the fears associated with these technologies and bring valued benefits to humanity today and for the future,” managing director for IEEE Standard Association Konstantinos Karachalios said in a statement.


Image: IEEE