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Technology companies, software and hardware developers and many scientists in the field of artificial intelligence are currently mainly focused on advancing AI, and much less on building safeguards for it. Despite the fact that AI is not bound by national borders there are no universal rules and regulations on artificial intelligence whatsoever. At FullAI we believe politicians and policy makers should answer these questions:

  • What policies and industry standards are needed to ensure AI adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)?
  • How can we have companies that produce artificial intelligence take full responsibility for AI decisions and actions?
  • Which global policies and industry standards need to be in place to be able to uphold the Principles of robotics?
  • How can we create global regulations on the self-improvement of AI systems?

Furthermore FullAI feels it is crucial that companies, developers and scientists need to be able to answer the following questions to be able to make sure they develop AI responsibly:

  • In which concrete way can we control and contain artificial intelligence? In other words: how to create the Big Red Button?
  • How can we create safeguards in open source AI?
  • Who is liable when a driverless car or any other intelligent robot causes an accident?
  • How can we prevent companies from using vendor lock in by AI?

At FullAI we call upon companies, developers and scientists to endorse the 23 Asilomar AI Principles.

Sign open letter on AI

Prominent scientists have drafted an open letter in order to call for beneficial Artificial Intelligence research.

“There is now a broad consensus that AI research is progressing steadily, and that its impact on society is likely to increase. The potential benefits are huge, since everything that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence”.

“Because of the great potential of AI, it is important to research how to reap its benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls. The progress in AI research makes it timely to focus research not only on making AI more capable, but also on maximizing the societal benefit of AI.”

Please take a moment to sign the open letter on this website: http://futureoflife.org/ai-open-letter/