The Public Voice proposes Universal Guidelines on AI

The Public Voice has drafted a proposal for Universal Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence. The guidelines are intended to maximise the benefits of AI, to minimise the risk, and to ensure the protection of human rights. They include the right to transparency of automated decisions and the right to a final determination made by a person on such decisions.

“The rise of AI decision-making implicates fundamental rights of fairness, accountability, and transparency. Modern data analysis produces significant outcomes that have real life consequences for people in employment, housing, credit, commerce, and criminal sentencing. Many of these techniques are entirely opaque, leaving individuals unaware whether the decisions were accurate, fair, or even about them,” according to the organisation.

According to The Public Voice, a coalition to promote public participation in decisions concerning the future of technology, the guidelines should be incorporated into ethical standards, adopted in national law and international agreements, and built into the design of systems.

Apart from the right to transparency and the right to human determination the guidelines require several obligations, for instance on fairness and public safety. They also include a prohibition on secret profiling. This is a link to all twelve of the guidelines.


Image: The Public Voice